Ayurveda Philosophy and Hinduism Spirituality

2 Episodes: Dr. Ravi Ratan, Clinical Aromatherapist from Mumbai India, explains spiritual development through the Chakra System to attain Moksha.


3 Episodes. Watch acclaimed Dowser Susan Collins as she teaches us about the art of dowsing and how it can benefit our health and overall life.

Heal Your Life

2 Episodes. Tony Wolfe, Medical Qigong Practitioner, shares his personal story of self-healing and how energy based therapies helped him.

High Vibe Hunter

4 Episodes. Michelle Lightworker is on the hunt for high vibe people, enterprises and global destinations. When we tap into them, we create a better world.

Lightworker Series

12 Episodes: Michelle Lightworker from Australia journeys you through several higher vibrations that can help to transform your energy centres and assist you with your spiritual practice.


4 Episodes. Join Stephanie Nassis, Meditation Facilitator, on a three part meditation series from beginner to advanced classes plus watch a bonus video on various sound tools she uses.

Native Teachings

4 Episodes: Shamanic Teacher White Eagle - Doug Gray, First Nations, Canada, explains various topics including smudge ceremonies, the medicine wheel, walking the Shamanic path, animal totems, parallel lives, and other teachings.

Oracle of Well-Being

2 Episodes. A show where guests ask about health, life in general, and personal issues to Oracle Stephanie Nassis who scans her guests' energy fields for life-changing information.

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