5D Living Reality Series

Explore what it means to live a 5D life with Lana Marconi, a small business wellness entrepreneur on a personal quest to unravel the spiritual meaning of her physical existence. Who are we? Why are we here? What’s our purpose? These are just a few philosophical questions she seeks answers to as she adventures alone or meets with various personal growth personalities. New episodes to be added every Sunday (or two) so check back to watch more content. Enjoy! (You can watch the episodes below or just go to Lana’s Youtube channel.)

Show Trailer:

Episode #1: Self-Connection

The first show of this new reality-based web series. Lana introduces herself and takes viewers on a water ride on the Niagara River and later reveals her newest project that revolves around DNA and its spiritual undertones.

Episode #2: Work, Play Balance

The second show of this reality-based web series. Lana gets up close and personal with her day-to-day work and play experiences, such as sharing her entrepreneurial projects and self-care rituals.

Episode #3: Entrepreneurial Spirit

The third show of this reality-based web series. Lana takes us to her physical work location and introduces us to her team as well as shows us how she makes a medical herbal formula for her patients.

Episode #4: Forest Bathing

The fourth show of this reality-based web series. Lana takes us on a hike through the Niagara Glen forest where she spiritually engages with rocks and trees and receives insightful messages that she shares.

Episode #5: Ancestry DNA Test

The fifth show of this reality-based web series. Lana receives the DNA test kit from the United States and swabs her cheeks during the box opening and kit revealing.

Episode #6: Master Your Energy, Master Your Life

The sixth show of this reality-based web series. Lana shows you her morning qigong routine in Niagara and later takes you to her store in Oakville for a Skincare Masterclass.

Episode #7: Shamanic Energy Healing

The seventh show of this reality-based web series. Lana introduces us to her good friend Stephanie Nassis, a Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner. During their time together they engage in various energy medicine healing practices such as a moxibustion foot bath and a luminous energy field shifting.

Watch more episodes here: https://www.youtube.com/c/LanaMarconiPhD/videos