A Path to Healing Chronic Dis-ease

A Path to Healing Chronic Dis-ease


Melanie Legend, author and life coach, takes us through her healing business which incorporates the work of the Medical Medium into her S.A.D. System.

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About Melanie Legend:

Melanie started her journey at the University of Western Ontario, Canada where she achieved an Honour Specialization in Health Science with Biology. After graduation, Melanie traveled overseas to RCSI-MUB (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland – Bahrain) where she studied western medicine for 2.5 years.

At which point, Melanie’s spiritual awakening began. As Melanie started to learn more about herself, her soul and her mission for this life, it was clear western medicine was no longer the right path for her.

Settling back in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Melanie found herself at CCNM (Canadian College of Naturopathic medicine) studying for a 4-year doctorate in Naturopathy.

Website for Melanie: https://www.melanielegend.com

Listen to Melanie’s Podcast on FiveD.TV

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