Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Step out of your ordinary self and into your extraordinary self with the guidance of Tania Kolar, Transformation Life Coach and author. In this exclusive inspirational video interview, Tania talks to us about unlocking limiting beliefs and living our fullest potential so as to experience fulfillment, joy, abundance and good health.

Runtime: 31m 19s

About Tania Kolar:

Tania Kolar is a TV personality, motivational speaker, transformation life coach and author of, “Breaking The Stupid Mold: Overcoming Self-Sabotage And Limiting Beliefs, So You Can Live An Extraordinary Life. ”

Tania enjoyed a long-time career, entertaining the nation as a show host at Today’s Shopping Choice (TSC) formerly known as The Shopping Channel (TSC), and also worked at international home shopping networks. She took time off from television in 2017 to finish her first book, “Breaking The Stupid Mold.” Now she’s a motivational speaker, transformation life coach, and segment host for Maple Music Café online radio.

In addition, she is actively involved in many charitable initiatives and sits on several fund-raising committees. She was also one of five community champions competing in the Dancing with Stars 2016 fundraiser. One of her many passions is to help youth realize their career dreams by breaking down their limiting beliefs so they can lead extraordinary lives.

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