Healing Your Holographic Body – Medical Intuitive

Healing Your Holographic Body – Medical Intuitive

Episode 3 – Live at Discovery Expo with Jean Sheehan, Part 1.

Join leading Medical Intuitive experts as they help us to understand what our holographic body is and how we can heal it. Jean Sheehan is known as the “walking talking MRI” as she has the ability to see the anatomy and physiology within a person to know where each person limits them self and what the body is saying in relation to health and empowerment. Did you know every body part has two functions – physical and metaphysical? Your biography becomes your biology – what does yours say? When you understand what it is saying you can lead a happy and healthy abundant life! In this presentation, internationally recognized and award winning Medical Intuitive, Jean Sheehan will share about the body like you have never seen and give a live demonstration of what the body is saying with audience participation.

Runtime: 21m 35s

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Part 2 with Jean Sheehan.

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