Ayurveda Philosophy and Hinduism Spirituality

Ayurveda Philosophy and Hinduism Spirituality

Episode 1: Dr. Ravi Ratan, Clinical Aromatherapist from Mumbai India, explains spiritual development through the Chakra System to attain Moksha: the transcendent state attained as a result of being released from the cycle of rebirth. Other cultural topics woven into the interview include Kundalini and Karma.

Runtime: 20m 20s

About Dr. Ravi Ratan:

Dr. Ravi Ratan hails from Mumbai India, is a clinical Aromatherapist, integrating Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Emotional release and Chakra Healing. Born in the family of doctors, teachers and healers, and brought up in a Hindu family he understood and followed spiritual practices and traditions, as a part of his upbringing. He has been exposed to yoga and meditations early on in his life with various teachers and ascended masters. He has brought all this understanding as part of his integrated healing practice. He developed his own range of Aromatherapy products in 1993. He started sharing this knowledge of plant essential oils and their therapeutic effects through his training workshops initially in India, now all over the world. His documented healing work with plant essential oils earned him- D.Sc (Medicina Alternativa) from Open International University of Alternative Medicine (recognized by WHO). Part of that healing experience had been incorporated in his authored and published “Handbook of Aromatherapy” in 1996, a third coloured edition of that has been published in 2012.

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To connect with Dr. Ratan visit his website: aromatantra.com

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