Episode 1 – Becoming a Flower Whisperer.

Episode 1 – Becoming a Flower Whisperer.

This episode introduces the host, Beth Bell, along with some juicy tidbits from her life’s journey. Find out how she became a flower whisperer, what inspired her to launch the show, her love of Bali and how she ended up living there full time after leaving a corporate ex-pat position in Singapore. The show is live and the noises from the jungle, rice fields, river and Balinese neighbors will be sure to be in the background. Hillary Black, a clairvoyant medium, will co-host to discuss how Beth embraced becoming a flower whisperer. It was a bit “woo woo” for Beth’s corporate career lifestyle but it became a welcomed surprise as the beauty drew her in and the ‘downloads’ began. Throughout her journey these messages assisted in fine tuning her intuition, feeling big love, getting through the heartbreak of divorce and ultimately catapulting the awakening of her soul. Join in the movement and mission to be “Pollinating the Planet with Love.”

The Beth Bell Radio Show empowers pure love and purpose. Reflect on the pearls of wisdom learned that will move you closer to living your best life now.

Runtime: 55m 25s

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