Episode 3 – Have you lived a previous life?

Episode 3 – Have you lived a previous life?

While commonly discussed in many Eastern cultures, it’s a question that many people in the western world haven’t even contemplated. Cathy’s story of her son Christian, who describes intimate details of living a previous life as Lou Gehrig, is fascinating on so many levels. It will challenge what you know about your soul, its existence, why we’re here on this planet and bring the ideas of eternal life to the forefront. This topic was the farthest thing from Cathy’s mind when raising two small children. However, the idea of reincarnation started to become undeniable as her son was recalling details of being a baseball player in the 1920’s and 1930’s. This lead her to investigate and validate her son’s comments that turned out to be factual. Some information was never even in the public domain. Listen in to hear her life journey stories and the significant pearls of wisdom she’s gained and has to share with the world.

The Beth Bell Radio Show empowers pure love and purpose. Reflect on the pearls of wisdom learned that will move you closer to living your best life now.

Runtime: 55m 06s

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