Episode 4 – Harnessing the power of meditation and mala beads!

Episode 4 – Harnessing the power of meditation and mala beads!

One of Beth’s Divine portals is through the power of flowers. As we know, there are many ancient symbols, rituals and ceremonies that can help us explore our inner power on a whole new level. Meditation is certainly one of the modalities that people find to be a powerful way to connect to source energy. In this week’s episode you’ll learn all about what Rudraksha male beads, meditation and intention can do to catapult your dreams into reality and find the inner peace that you desire on a daily basis. You’ll hear exciting stories from Swathimaa, how these little beads have changed her life and empowered her into her life’s purpose. Little did she know the day she left the western world, headed to an Indian Ashram, that she would later find herself with a global company based in Bali. Her journey has a lot of exciting twists and turns that are inspiring. Listen in to hear her life’s journey lessons and pearls of wisdom she’s gained along the way.

The Beth Bell Radio Show empowers pure love and purpose. Reflect on the pearls of wisdom learned that will move you closer to living your best life now.

Runtime: 55m 15s

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