Episode 5 – Do you believe in Miracles?

Episode 5 – Do you believe in Miracles?

We all have a deep desire to be one thing…..HAPPY! For many the road feels difficult but it doesn’t have to be. Axel has taken the lessons in A Course In Miracles and applied them to everyday life bringing happiness, joy and peace that passes all understanding to the hearts and minds of many. Whether or not you believe in a God or have a religious background, most will agree that there are forces out there much larger than us. One for example is the power of Mother Nature on the planet. So energy outside of us cannot be denied. But is it outside of us? Or do we all have the power of the Universe within ourselves to heal and create at the deepest levels? Listen in this week to hear all about how Axel has come from some dramatic lessons in life to knowing his divine calling and life’s purpose. He will share with all of you the not so secret magic of miracles!

The Beth Bell Radio Show empowers pure love and purpose. Reflect on the pearls of wisdom learned that will move you closer to living your best life now.

Runtime: 57m 06s

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