Episode 6 – Transforming the world through Flower Alchemy!

Episode 6 – Transforming the world through Flower Alchemy!

The Power of Flowers are now speaking to our souls in a new evolution and revolution that can shift and transform us. Energy, frequencies and vibrations are all part of the magic of Mother Nature when it comes to flower elixirs + essences. Learn how the special formulations created by Katie Hess, founder of Lotus Wei can evoke the precise feelings you want to experience. There’s 15+ years of study and observation behind the products — and the effects are nothing short of miraculous. Listen in and hear how you can blossom your bliss and bloom into your full potential.

The Beth Bell Radio Show empowers pure love and purpose. Reflect on the pearls of wisdom learned that will move you closer to living your best life now.

Runtime: 57m 05s

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