01-06-2018: “Mega Trends for 2018”

01-06-2018: “Mega Trends for 2018”

About The Radio Show:

In this episode, host Christopher Rudy offers us a positive view of the future, discussing hot topics in the news.

Show Notes:

There are some very positive portents for 2018 that mainstream Deep State media avoids like plague. Fearless faith in a positive future is indeed the nemesis of faithless fear-porn that is endlessly promulgated by the Deep State’s attempt to keep us cowered and subservient.

Powerful megatrends are now converging
worldwide to rapidly decentralize all that is
highly centralized with top-down, one-way
command-and-control cabals of patriarchal
power without core Constitutional principle.

Assimilating the ‘Light of Truth’ in 2018 is
the challenge and opportunity before ‘US’
as ‘United Sovereigns’ who represent the
Family of Mankind in our global village of
interactive all-connected Internet reality.

Do Keep the Faith, See the Good,
and Make it So!

~ Christopher Rudy

About Cosmic Love:

Are you ready for an accelerated course in higher consciousness? This is how our global village will get ahead of the accelerated rate of change we are now seeing in the world. It won’t be with the same consciousness that created the problems we see. It will be with a new consciousness that is now evolving with the angels of our better nature. Welcome to Cosmic Love!

About the Host:

5D Visionary Christopher L. Rudy is Host of BBS Radio’s Cosmic LOVE Show, streaming live to 63 countries for more than ten years. He is also Director of UltraMedics Services and Global TeLeCare as well as CEO of Heartcom Services, developer of Web 3.0 CybeEthics with ‘Heartware’™: www.heartcom.org/Web3.0cyberEthics.htm

Runtime: 54m 03s

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