New Human, New Earth, New Humanity

New Human, New Earth, New Humanity

About This Film: Humans are going through an awakening process. As a result, reality on earth is shifting from separation to unity consciousness. Separation within each human and between humans has been a source of humanity’s suffering and the destruction of planet earth. What can humans expect to experience during this intense shift as old structures fall away and a new paradigm emerges? Moreover, what is this new reality? In this third consciousness raising documentary by filmmaker Lana Marconi, Ph.D., fourteen experts describe what it will take for humanity to collectively thrive and what the new species and planet will be like which includes community with benevolent extraterrestrials among other profound changes.

The film stars Academy Award Winner Colin Chilvers; Award Winning Director Emmanuel Itier; Television Host of the “Paranormal Show” Stan Mallow; Executive Producer for “Sirius” Tom Clearwater; and Psychologist Dr. Deborah McGill. Other experts include: Michelle Anderson, Leonard Bernard, Diane Brisebois, Catherine Ann Clemett, Stacey J. Hentschel, Jeanine Just, Kenneth Jaques, Ayanna Mojica, and John D. Riley.

Runtime: 1hr 20min

Released: 2016



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