Planet Protectors

Planet Protectors

Episode 1: From Surviving to Thriving.

Humans need nature for survival, yet globally societies are impacting earth on a vast scale putting the species on the path to self-destruction. Dr. Mahdi Mason lets people know what they can do to give back to the environment and course correct the damage that is being done so that cultures may shift towards sustainable living and promote the thriving of earth for generations to come.

Runtime: 11m 48s

About Dr. Mahdi Mason:

Land healer, environmentalist, author and speaker, Dr. Mahdi Mason considers herself a voice for nature and animals. She is passionate about restoring the balance between people and the environment. There are so many practical things we can all be doing on a daily basis to help Mother Earth which she teaches people.

“I believe that as humans, we need to radically change the way we perceive and treat the environment, if we, as a species, are to survive. It’s time we start seeing ourselves as part of the natural world, rather than separate to it. It’s time to start playing our part in the natural systems and cycles we are a part of. It’s time we start giving back to Mother Earth.” – Dr. Mahdi Mason

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