Empath Series

Empath Series

Episode 1 – “Discovering Your Purpose As An Empath” with guest Heidi Jane.

About the Guest, Heidi Jane: She is an Intuitive Empath, and an Empath Wellness Advocate, and the principal, and founder of The International Institute of Advanced Intuition, a Platinum Approved Training Provider with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists.

Heidi has vast experience facilitating courses based on intuitive intelligence, progressive behavioral awareness, and highly sensitive people, along with the facilitation of thousands of client sessions. Heidi is the #1 Best Selling Author of  “Are You An Evolutionary Advantage? 3 Keys to Unlock an Empath’s True Potential, Passion and Purpose”. Heidi has also authored two books on intuition, “Intuition on Tap”, and “The Intuition on Tap Workbook”, and is currently writing her fourth book, “Empath in The City-Life Strategies for Highly Sensitive People”.

About the Show Host: Karyn Kulenovic is an Intuitive Coach and Educator, who uses Energy Healing and Education in various forms to help people access healing naturally. She teaches those who are energetically sensitive how to harness their energy to create fulfilling, purposeful lives. Karyn is passionate about providing safe, effective avenues of transformation to help Empaths understand their gifts, rise above challenges, and emerge stronger than ever. Karyn leads a worldwide dialogue with the Healing in Bloom community via social media and her blog, and teaches courses for Sensitives who are ready to embody their power.

Runtime: 1h 6m

Website: HealingInBloom.com

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