Part 1: Heal Your Life with Tony Wolfe

Part 1: Heal Your Life with Tony Wolfe

What is the game changer that will shift your life for the better? In this video, Tony Wolfe, Reiki Master and Medical Qigong Practitioner, intimately shares his personal experience of the connection between emotions and health, how making a certain choice was pivotal to opening a new door for him that was filled with synchronicities which transformed his life, and ultimately how he has no regrets of leaving the past behind.

About Tony:

Tony is happily married with an amazing family, is a published author, an entrepreneur, a speaker, and is studying Traditional Chinese Medicine (including acupuncture, qigong, cupping therapy), is a Reiki Master, a Medical Qigong Practitioner and is enjoying life. His animal spirit is the Wolf.

Runtime: 10m 27s

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