Enlightened Conversation – Paul Seils

Enlightened Conversation – Paul Seils

In this episode, host Michelle Lightworker speaks with Paul Seils, Speaker, Activist and Consultant, about finding a space of compassion for unconscious people. They also discuss how the temporary currency, money, will eventually be outgrown. But just how do we transition with light rather than shadow influences? Take a listen to what they discovered.

Runtime: 40m 33s

About The Show:

Enlightened Conversations are a non-scripted and uncut conversation role modelling how we can discuss social, environmental and trending issues from a higher perspective. Natural conversation arises in flow with Spirit and we are prompted to see the bigger picture for why things are happening in the world. No topic is off limits. Filmed in Australia.

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Website for Paul Seils: cryptomasterminds.org

Website for Michelle Lightworker: lightworkerfoundation.org

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