Enlightened Conversations – Amanda Hart

Enlightened Conversations – Amanda Hart

Join host Michelle Lightworker with guest Amanda Hart all the way from the UK! Amanda has been an Intuitive Consultant for over 20 years and is currently writing a three book series on Angels of Light with Orion Publishing, the first of which will be released in December 2018.

7 months ago, Amanda was euphoric when she received an invitation from Orion to write the series at a key time in her life, having just come out of hospital after a kidney removal operation. After another major illness post meningitis, she had almost given up hope of ever honouring her love to become a full-time writer but having held onto her belief since she was a child, this offer was far more than she could have wished for.

Through the adversities she encountered she never wavered from being grateful for everything she had in her life despite the many losses, ill health and sacrifice. Holding onto her truth and longing to share an essential message that ‘we all have the potential to find our power, purpose and voice’ often challenged others’ belief along the way. But she still held firm to her dream.

The first book, Talking to Angels of Light: Embrace Your Truth, reveals her core message to help others like her, who have at points in their life felt alone and disconnected. Sharing her experience and that of her clients through anecdotes, incorporating simple exercises and guidance throughout the book, enables readers of little or no experience find a whole new world of hope, light and purpose. The tools she shares enables readers to awaken and deepen their angelic communication in order to make the necessary changes to bring light into the often-dark recesses of their world and that of others, to create a life of balance, purpose and joy.

Visit her website at www.amanda-hart.co.uk

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