Enlightened Conversations – Christin Ewald & Guests Kelly Larsen Lightworker & Paul Wyrostek

Enlightened Conversations – Christin Ewald & Guests Kelly Larsen Lightworker & Paul Wyrostek

Join our host Christin Ewald aka the Magenta Goddess with guests Kelly Larsen Lightworker from California & Medium/Channeler Paul Wyrostek from New Hampshire USA

About The Host:

Christin was born in Germany and is currently residing in Australia. Christin is a Lightworker Practitioner, Mentor and Health Services Assistant. “I offer my practices online through my Facebook and Instagram page and in person in Mooloolaba here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.” Christin loves sharing her knowledge and insights and has recently been published through White Light Publishing House with “Journey of an Empath” where a collective of empaths have come together to share and spread their wisdom to help others and raise awareness.

Contact Christin at Magenta Goddess: https://www.facebook.com/Magenta-Goddess-840160642785835

View Christin’s previous episodes on her hosting page https://lightworkerfoundation.org/christin-ewald

About Kelly Larsen:

Kelly explains her unique approach, “I am a Heart-Centered and Enlightened Transformational Health Coach. What sets me apart from the rest of the Wellness Coaches out there is that I am also a Master Lightworker Practitioner. A Lightworker is someone who promotes healing through love and positivity. I will impact your life in a fierce and positive way. I encourage personal empowerment, awareness, behavioral and habit changes that will enhance your life mentally, emotionally and physically. We start from the inside and work our way out. After we uncover your emotional and limiting beliefs, it will show in your physical body when those blocks are cleared.”

Website for Kelly: www.lovelightworker.com

About Paul WyrosteK:

In Paul’s own words, “I have been seeing all forms of energy as long as I can remember, most of that energy was shadows and darkness until my stages of awakening to light energy with masters and angels. On my healing journey I had learned to work with my higher self and universal oneness to bring healing to others worldwide. For 10 years now as a spiritual teacher and intuitive healer I have been channeling light and healing to many to increase awareness of truth and to reconnect people to there higher self.”

Connect with Paul: https://www.facebook.com/paul.wyrostek.5

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