Enlightened Sexuality – Part 2 with Pauline Ryeland

Enlightened Sexuality – Part 2 with Pauline Ryeland

In this episode, Pauline Ryeland, also known as the ‘Intimacy Whisperer’ addresses the controversial low or high vibe orgasm for women, the multi-orgasmic potential for men, tips to igniting a stale sex life, how to shift sexual aversion and just how important sex is in amplifying your intention setting and manifesting your goals!

About This Show:

Enlightened Sexuality is the awareness that we are sexual beings living both a spiritual and human experience. Many different aspects of sexuality are explored in this series that takes us on a journey at uncovering all the secrets to a healthy, happy and conscious sex life. Invite sex to become a big part of your awakening.

Runtime: 18m 16s

Watch Part 1 of Enlightened Sexuality.

Guest Website: paulineryeland.com

Filmed in Australia by Producer Michelle Lightworker: lightworkerfoundation.org

Genres / Categories: Enlightened Sexuality, Series
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