Enlightened Sexuality – Part 5 with Louise Geary

Enlightened Sexuality – Part 5 with Louise Geary

In this episode, Louise Geary, pioneer of ‘Activate Your Feminine’ takes us through how men and women can drop into their powerful feminine energy. Louise also reveals how this can transform your passions encouraging you to be a magnetic presence in every area of your life. The controversial feminist approach is also discussed. Has feminism finally grown up?

About The Show:

Enlightened Sexuality is the awareness we are sexual beings living both a spiritual & human experience. Many different aspects of sexuality are explored in this series that takes us on a journey at uncovering all the secrets to a healthy, happy and conscious sex life. Invite sex to become a big part of your awakening….

Runtime: 14m 35s

Website for Louise Geary: louisegeary.com

Genres / Categories: Enlightened Sexuality, Series
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