Enlightened Sexuality – Part 1 with Pauline Ryland

Enlightened Sexuality – Part 1 with Pauline Ryland

In this episode, Pauline Ryeland, also known as the ‘Intimacy Whisperer’ shares tips on healthy touch, waking up the libido, increasing intimacy, the power of eye gazing, unlocking your intuition with sex, the must do to enhance your orgasmic experience and much more!

About This Show:

Enlightened Sexuality is the awareness that we are sexual beings living both a spiritual and human experience. Many different aspects of sexuality are explored in this series that takes us on a journey at uncovering all the secrets to a healthy, happy and conscious sex life. Invite sex to become a big part of your awakening.

Runtime: 18m 10s

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Guest website: paulineryeland.com

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