Eye On Life: Why Become Vegan?

Eye On Life: Why Become Vegan?

Host Lana Marconi, Ph.D., speaks with Sandra Kimler from Byron Bay, Australia and who is the author of the book: “So, Why Become Vegan?” Sandra toured on the Hay House “I Can Do It” tour promoting her book in the USA. In this interview, Sandra explains the four main reasons why a person should become vegan: nutritious, environmental, spiritual and ethical reasons.

Sandra also talks about her Amazon Best-Selling book, “The Prosperity Factor,” co-authored with “The Secret” movie’s speaker Joe Vitale.

Runtime: 38m 25s

Guest Website: https://www.sunlove.com.au

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Host Lana Marconi, Ph.D., interviews people from all over the world about lifestyle choices for better living.

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