High Vibe Hunter – Discovery Expo Special

High Vibe Hunter – Discovery Expo Special

Special Episode filmed at the Discovery Expo, Australia.

After over 20 years in the holistic and spiritual development industry, Michelle Lightworker is on the hunt for high vibe people, enterprises and global destinations. When we tap into them, we create a better world. Michelle and her FiveD.TV team are on the hunt in this special episode at the Discovery Expo, Australia. This high vibe festival is for those on a self-discovery journey, those wishing to awaken their own spirit and who need guidance and clarity or just a push in the right direction. Michelle asks speakers and stall holders 3 magical questions that unlock the secrets to their own personal journey with self-discovery. Starring: Laura Di Mambro, Scott Alexander King, Kim Eibrink Jansen, Rameka Chin, Amanda De Warren, Greg Doyle, Tegan Mel, Chris Pannan, Julie McKenzie, Marc Bright, Amanda Mackay, Mark Hamilton, Bella (Belinda Payne) & Paul Williamson

Runtime: 50m 16s

Discovery Expo website: www.consciouslifeevents.com.au

Filmed on location in Australia by Michelle Lightworker & Tony Dowd: lightworkerfoundation.org

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