2019 Predictions – The Year Of Luminosity

2019 Predictions – The Year Of Luminosity

According to Jeanine Just, Visionary Strategy Coach from Laguna Beach, California, 2019 is the year of LUMINOSITY. To discover how you can map out your goals in various life areas so as to match the unique energies of the year please tune into Jeanine’s show available exclusively on FiveD.TV.

Last year, 2018, Jeanine also gave us helpful insights. And for 20 years her clients have looked forward to her annual vision insights. Both individuals and businesses use this information to strategically make personal and professional decisions that are in harmony with the energy of the year, instead of going against the grain and doing things the hard way.

Runtime: 45m 33s

Jeanine Just’s Website: https://www.visionariesuniversity.org

Jeanine has also been featured in our award-winning documentary film New Human, New Earth, New Humanity which you can also watch on our network.

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