Intuition: Gateway to the 5th Dimension

Intuition: Gateway to the 5th Dimension

What do you need to know about your life? Meet Judy Martene, advocate for intuitive development. In this exclusive video interview, Judy reveals what your spiritual antenna is and how to use it so that you can access information you need to better your life. Live no more disconnected from your seat of intuition and enhance yourself today.

Runtime: 22m 48s

About the Host:

Judy is a Community Producer with RogersTV Canada producing her television show called “The Kindness Effect.”

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Hello, thanks for your note and welcome to FiveD.TV. FiveD.TV is a subscription video on demand service (SVOD) currently offering two memberships: month to month (Explorer Membership) and yearly (Star Membership). Yes, members need to subscribe. Enjoy the video library!

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