Kundalini Yoga – Class 3

Kundalini Yoga – Class 3


Advanced Class – Grab your mat and enjoy a good workout with the benefits of letting go of tension, uniting the body and mind, and detoxifying. Kundalini Yoga teacher Emma Bramma Smith teaches the flow of breath, meditation and postures. Filmed at Belfountain Spa, Erin Ontario, Canada.

Runtime: 48m 50s

Music and paintings also by Emma Bramma Smith. Instrumentatal-music background is by Kevin Adamson, mixed by Robert Bell and vocals and melody for the song “Butterfly” are written and performed by Emma Bramma Smith.

Health Disclaimer: Sat kriya should not be done sitting in the upright position when pregnant or menstruating. Please consult your doctor.

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Relaxation Music by Emma Bramma Smith

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