FEEL: The Waves Of Intelligence

FEEL: The Waves Of Intelligence

About The Film:
Six people attend an intimate workshop on feelings and hear from esteemed scientists to alternative healers and even star children, just to name a few of the fourteen experts, who piece together the life-changing link between emotions and higher human potential, taking mental health and psychological well-being to another level, inspiring radical self-transformation and a new reality.

Directed & Produced by: Lana Marconi

For decades modern society has down played emotions while revering the logical mind, disregarding a fundamental aspect of being a fully integrated human being. The consequences of shunning our emotional lives has resulted in an ever growing shadow dwelling in the caverns of the collective consciousness, a potent and hidden darkness that has sought expression through dysfunctional modes of psychological projection such as war, violence, addiction, and disease. Idealization of the rational part of the psyche has taken its toll, globally, and the time has come for the emotional mind to be fully embraced, healed and together with the linear mind directed in such a focused way that actualizes our highest potential. Speakers in FEEL are convinced that our emotions hold the key to our destiny and by tapping into the power of our feelings can we quantum leap into a new reality that serves the essence of who we ultimately are. FEEL The Waves Of Intelligence and change your life.

Speakers in FEEL:
Anna “Naturalista” Allen, Clairvoyant, California
Hillary Black, Spiritual Reader, California
Ben Bowler, Entrepreneur, Australia
Teresa Earle, MEND Foundation, California
Jorden Grenier, Opioid Survivor, Canada
Lara Helena, Actor, Yoga Teacher, California
Desiree Hurtak, Ph.D., Academy For Future Science, California
James J Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D., Academy For Future Science, California
Barbara Lamb, Psychotherapist, California
Deborah McGill, Psychologist, California
Mike Popovici, Qigong Instructor, Canada
Mitchell Rabin, Licensed Acupuncturist, New York
Patrick Rhein, Emotional Intelligence Coach, Canada
Alan Steinfeld, Director, New York

Film Sponsor:
Paul Booth, CEO, Performance Drink and NutriBrix

Runtime: 1 hour 11 minutes

Released: 2017

Genres / Categories: Documentary Films, Personal Growth
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Beautiful film, educational and inspiring. Loved all the speakers.

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