Ghosts of Dufferin County and Beyond

Ghosts of Dufferin County and Beyond

An unlikely pair at first glance, Mary-Anne and Lynn are two of Canada’s top psychic mediums. Highly acclaimed as Mediums, published Authors, and college Professors, these two are the real deal when it comes to communicating with the dearly departed, whether it’s teaching others to do the same, providing consult to families who are frightened by their experiences with the hereafter, or starring in special public events where they demonstrate proof of life after life. These compelling personalities regularly spend their time taking calls to clear unsettled energies at properties across Ontario to help loved ones in spirit on their journey, and investigating things that go bump-in-the-night. Working with families in missing persons cases is also in their repertoire. Most of the time, the otherworldly interactions people have with the spirit realm, including ones that unnerve them, are attempts at contact by their own family in spirit. And there is nothing to be afraid of. Dispelling and demystifying the world of spirit is a full time job!

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About Mary-Anne:

Mary-Anne Kennedy is one of Canada’s top Psychic Mediums. This busy mom-of-two is a published author with New York-based publishing house Library Tales Publishing and is an acclaimed spiritual educator. Mary-Anne co-founded The Centre for Sacred Living; a premiere teaching centre for spiritual studies based in Hillsburgh, Ontario. Featured as a guest and expert contributor with several television and radio shows, media publishings, and consultations for such prestigious organizations as The Stratford Festival, Mary-Anne’s professional contributions to the metaphysical community are extensive. Additional to being one of the most sought-after Mediums in Canada, Mary-Anne works with groups and individuals in soul-based coaching and various aspects of spiritual and personal development. Learn more at

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About Lynn:

Lynn Zammit is an award-winning educator, author and psychic medium. She runs a dynamic private practice specializing in a number of healing modalities including shamanic work, energy healing, psychic and mediumship readings and spiritual hypnotherapy at the Centre For Sacred Living, an acclaimed teaching centre for spiritual development which she co-founded. She works extensively with groups of people who are seeking a more spiritual path through workshops, courses and one on one spiritual counseling. The author of two books and decades of experience working with healing circles, Lynn has been featured in national and international media coverage through TV, radio and print. Learn more at

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