Spiritual Round Table – California

Spiritual Round Table – California

SPECIAL EPISODE – Using an infrared camera the guests attempt to capture the energy of beloved deceased friends in their home while discussing death, dying, the after life, and the meaning of life. They seek to answer profound questions such as: Why are we here? Where did we come from? Where do we go when we pass on? Paranormal activity can be seen at various time stamps such as at 49 seconds and at 49 minutes.

Guests include: FiveD.TV Founder and Producer Lana Marconi, Businessman Dean Lazzara, Author Leonard Bernard, and Psychologist Dr. Deborah McGill. Both Leonard and Dr. McGill are in Marconi’s film on FiveD.TV called New Human, New Earth, New Humanity.

Runtime: 59 min


Genres / Categories: Paranormal, Series, Spiritual Round Table
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