The Wings of Creation: Starseeds

The Wings of Creation: Starseeds

Podcast 2: Starseeds. Host James Thomas Devitt discusses where Starseeds come from, attributes of the Starseeds, different roles of Starseeds, tools that are available for Starseeds plus more.

Runtime: 45m 41s

About the Podcast:
“The Wings of Creation” is a series on spirituality for the new energy and new earth. Hosted by James Thomas Devitt of The Awakening Network.

About James:
James Thomas Devitt is a Master Healer, Master Channeler and Master Spiritual Teacher of the New Energy and an International Author. He has been on his Spiritual path throughout this lifetime, but consciously for over 31 years. James works with the High Council of the GodStar, The Council of Light, The Ashtar Command Council and the Earth Planetary Council of Elders. James is the founder and director of The Awakening Network which includes the BlueStar Spiritual Group, Metamorphosis: Life Coaching/Life Transformations and the BlueStar Academy Spiritual School. He has developed his own readings as well as one of the very first pure quantum Healing Modalities known to this world, The BlueStar Healing Method. Through his connection with Spirit, he works tirelessly to assist people from all walks of life and from around the world, to walk the path that they are here to walk.

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