Qigong: Full Body – Breath and Awareness

Qigong: Full Body – Breath and Awareness


Class 3 – Feel more expansive as you finally open up to full body breath. Awaken your full breathing capacity, open up your body fully, and realizing new opportunities of self awareness.

Breath is the most powerful, right-at-our-fingertips tool we have to create full circulation throughout our whole body, and renew our connection to ourselves. Our heart might pump blood but it’s the breath that opens the body and flows circulation from the inside out. This qigong based breathing routine will help you connect to the full body breath. Opening your breath in sections, helping you realize the different types of breath and how they affect your body awareness.

Runtime: 14m 23s

About Qigong Instructor Mike Popovici:

Mike is a Life Coach, Guide, Qigong & Mindfulness Instructor and Founder of Phoenix Internal Arts Academy.

Website: https://www.phoenixiaa.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PhoenixIAA

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