Qigong: Inner Smile

Qigong: Inner Smile


Class 6 – The emotions we carry affect how we will react to, deal with, and process life. This qigong form supports the healing and reset of our foundational emotions. Reinforcing the good, powerful emotions you want to bring into your life; healing and cleansing the organs where those emotions are said to reside, while shedding and eliminating the emotions that tend limit us. Supporting all of our organ systems – energetically strengthening, revitalize, and cleansing them.

When was the last time you took the time to send positive energy, love, and gratitude to all of you, as opposed to spending time pushing yourself through the challenges of life? Send healing and reconnect to all the parts that help you function. Enjoy!

Runtime: 12m 49s

About Qigong Instructor Mike Popovici:

Mike is a Life Coach, Guide, Qigong & Mindfulness Instructor and Founder of Phoenix Internal Arts Academy.

Website: https://www.phoenixiaa.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PhoenixIAA

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