Qigong: Strength and Grace

Qigong: Strength and Grace


Class 5 – The bow pose, from the 8 Brocade qigong set is a movement that was designed for warriors to prepare them for battle or to help them heal after battle. This is a type of medical qigong that focuses on healing, toning, and balancing the organs, while opening up the circulation of qi within us. The bow pose is an ancient and time honored a movement that opens up the meridians related to the heart, the lungs, the pericardium, large intestine, small intestine, and liver. Creating circulation, flow, and bringing in healing energy to those parts of our body, as well as allowing us to heal the emotions that are said to be associated with them. It also looks really really impressive when you get it right. So you can show it off to everybody you know. Enjoy as many times as you want.

Runtime: 13m 52s

About Qigong Instructor Mike Popovici:

Mike is a Life Coach, Guide, Qigong & Mindfulness Instructor and Founder of Phoenix Internal Arts Academy.

Website: https://www.phoenixiaa.com
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