Arcturian Pyramid

Arcturian Pyramid

Jody Maas takes us on a journey of his “Arcturian Transmissions From The Group” and how he created specific energy devices such as pyramids that facilitate the expansion of consciousness and the integration of the mind-body-spirit. Filmed in Milton, Ontario Canada.

Runtime: 15m

Jody’s Website:

Watch Jody Maas speak in more depth about the Arcturian Transmissions From The Group on FiveD.TV

Watch Jody’s guided visualization on FiveD.TV

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Hey Jody, great delivery with your understanding of the power within the triangle, I’m up near Owen Sound working with 4000 gauze magnets and getting amazing results, maybe we could meet up sometime?


Hello Aquarius11, sorry for the delayed response I just seen your message. Can you please email me I would welcome further conversation. Thank you for your message. Jody

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